DIHALMA ® Luxury & Glamour is a brand that operates in a Boutique concept, in several business areas, with strong specialization in the real estate market in Portugal – DIHALMA Real Estate.

Specialized in real estate deals with maximum privacy, confidentiality and secrecy. It acts in a personalized way with each client, whether Sellers or Buyers, to guarantee real estate transactions with safety and comfort, throughout mainland Portugal.

The best properties are not published or visible on the market, they are promoted and traded without advertising and in a private and exclusive way. For the same reason, the properties we represent may be in a closed and private portfolio, accessible exclusively to qualified clients.

Recommendations are our biggest driving force in business, which is why, being a reliable and high-value information, our work is carried out with care and with the greatest possible customization for each client, national or international.

We represent Buyer clients, helping in the search and selection of properties according to their needs and interests; or Seller clients, performing the representation, promotion and sale of their real estate properties, through professional mediation services, in business in the real estate area in mainland Portugal.

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Our History

DIHALMA is a project that started in 2016, with the objective of developing a unique and recognized brand in the world of Luxury and Glamor, representing high-level professional services in the Real Estate Area and in the Automotive Area.

Our Vision has three main pillars – Inspire, Emotionate, Transcend: a brand of people for people, respecting and valuing the uniqueness and exclusivity of each one, building a society of Ambassadors of Luxury & Glamor.

We know that Design is undoubtedly the way to build our vision, as it is through the entire development process that we arrive at reality and achieve our Mission – We are committed on building a brand focused on the consumer experience in which the public identifies, in different contexts, and that you feel unique in the


We want to reach a level of exclusivity with regard to the customer experience. Luxury is in the small details and details, and Glamor is obtained in creating unique experiences, through prestige and sophistication. They are the watchwords of our work, dedication and total commitment, both in the services we provide, as well as in the articles and products we represent and sell.

The DIHALMA brand has in its Values: Trust, Loyalty and Commitment. This conjunction is our interpretation of the path of Excellence. We act around an important cause – the desire to serve well, taking this as our priority.

We want to position ourselves as the Icon in a new segment of Luxury Business Relations in relation to customer service, and in which Glamor is an attribute present in each interaction with the Brand.

A Brand that provides opportunities for hidden talent in collaborators, and that arouses emotions and provides unique, personalized and memorable experiences to the customer.

Why work with us ?

“When a person is inspired by a great purpose, by some extraordinary project, his thoughts are freed from all conditioning: his mind transcends his limitations, his conscience expands in all directions, and he lives a discovery of a wonderful new world. Her dormant strengths, abilities and talents come to life, and she discovers in herself a person far greater than she ever dreamed of being “- Patanjali, philosopher

“The most important task of visionary leadership is to honor and dignify the lives of the people you lead, allowing them to manifest their highest potential through the work they do” – Robin Sharma, writer

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Product Designer

Product Designer.   The opportunity we have for you: Participate in the mission of…


Cinematographer.   The opportunity we have for you: Participate in the mission of building…

Craftsman – Luxury Items

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Real Estate Consultant – Coimbra

Real Estate Consultant for Coimbra. Self-Employed Regime   Who we are: A multidisciplinary team…

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