Purchase House in Portugal


Buy House in Portugal

Everything you ever wanted to know about what you need to know to buy a house in Portugal, in a simple way, so you can go through each step in order to live in one of the best European countries.

Have you already chosen Portugal to live in and don’t know what steps to take in the process of buying a property? This article comes to help with the information you need.

If you’re still undecided about choosing Portugal, if you still haven’t understood why Portugal, check out our DIHALMA Real Estate página page and find out what’s good and the benefits.


Documents you need

In order to buy a property in Portugal you need the following private documents:

All these documents need to be authenticated by the Consulate of Portugal in your country of origin. It is not necessary to have a Residence Visa, as it is possible to buy a property with a simple tourist visa (stamp on the Passport).

Purchase costs and taxes

1 – Chose your new Real Estate property.

2 – Sign the Promise of Purchase and Sale Agreement, which includes the payment of a down payment.

3 – Deed of Purchase Agreement includes:

  • Final payment of the value of the property (if you need financing, consult our team who will help in this regard);

  • Municipal Tax on Onerous Property Transfer;

  • Stamp tax;

  • registry at the Notary.

Our Team will present in detail all the Costs and Taxes that you will pay when buying the Property of your choice. You can see more about our Property Selection here.

Annual taxes

Municipal Property Tax (IMI) must be paid annually. The amount to be paid depends on a rate (minimum of 0.3% and a maximum of 0.45%), set annually by the municipality where the property is located, on the Property Tax Value (VPT) of the property.

Still have doubts?

So don’t hesitate to ask us about it. You can contact us directly on our Contacts page.

Published 2021-07-20

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