Real Estate Consultant – Coimbra


Real Estate Consultant for Coimbra.

Self-Employed Regime


Who we are:

A multidisciplinary team of professionals dedicated to the Luxury Real Estate market, under the DIHALMA ® – Luxury & Glamor brand.

The opportunity we have for you:

Participate in the mission of delivering to all customers a unique service that distinguishes us in the market. In delivering an excellent service to each customer, the role to play is essential. You will be responsible for the operational management of the portfolio of properties and clients in his geographical area and for the development of promotional activities. We rely on your high quality standards to reinforce our DNA.

The Profile we are looking for:

It is passionate about luxury and glamor. It develops new opportunities and ensures the best monitoring of customers. It has a comprehensive view of the operation that we are developing. Creates solutions and guides in the implementation of good practices. He enjoys being on the ground and in constant contact with people. He knows the importance of each function and therefore values ​​the impact of each one’s work. He has already had contact with the commercial area, or is looking for an opportunity to develop in this sector that is his passion. You know that it is a demanding area, with great responsibility. That is why it is focused on objectives and results with high quality, never neglecting ethics and the highest level of professionalism.

You don’t need to be an expert, but you use today’s digital media with ease every day. Your communication skills and natural empathy are essential tools for an excellent performance.

Previous experience in the field of real estate market is not an important factor, but aptitude and willingness to learn how to provide an unequivocal high-level service to an increasingly demanding segment is essential.

It has negotiating capacity, because communication is also a process of mutual knowledge and confrontation of expectations and opinions.

Knowledge of languages ​​is important, especially English, both spoken and written.

This will be your day-to-day:

It will coordinate and monitor operations in the field and be part of commercial and marketing strategies, according to the standards defined by the Brand.

It will be responsible for directing, promoting, and controlling the operational activity of its geographical area in order to achieve the defined results;

It will provide the necessary support to the Team and the Brand and will monitor and manage the levels of service and customer satisfaction;

It will report on operational activity in your area to its Executive Director in order to obtain maximum support from the Team and the Brand;

It will also ensure the management of the promotional activity in your area, with the help of the Marketing department.

Your practical side:

You will act as an Elite element in a Team that strives to be and do better every day. It will be the point of communication in its exclusive zone, a reference of what is best practiced and synonymous with the excellence that the Brand has been developing and providing in the Luxury segment. You will be recognized by the Brand you represent and will constantly evolve as a professional.

The financial return:

Our team has a financial return in proportion to the objectives achieved and not the time invested.

Is it you that we are looking for?

Send us your updated CV with photograph.

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